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Princess Honey Trap v.1.06 / プリンセス・ハニートラップ

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Princess Honey Trap v.1.06 / プリンセス・ハニートラップ



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RPG against reverse rape!
・RPG with reverse rape!
Compared to the previous work "Tower of Alphymia", the erotic elements during battle are even more enhanced!
There are 20 to 22 line branching options during combat, including before and after ejaculation!
(In addition, there are up to 8 counters!)
Furthermore, all of these lines are fully voiced!
This prevents the protagonist from trying to calm down, and when he's backed into a corner, he's also tempted to turn around...!!!?

・Animation and voice acting!
29 out of 33 scenes are animated reverse rape scenes!
H scenes are also fully voiced, including during battle!(More than 15 hours of voice acting in total!)

・Reverse rape after defeat!
If you lose a fight with a girl, you will face a future where you are unceremoniously raped.
You have 0 HP due to lack of strength, or your excitement is off the charts and you can no longer fight.... There are two types of defeat scenes depending on how you lose!

・The rematch after defeat!
In the rematch after defeat, the lines will be completely changed!
After defeating the hero once, the girl is acting like an idiot.
If I lose there... I'll be even more upset...

・Not only a battle, but also a temptation!
What awaits a hero who is a hero is not only battles with girls, but also confusion with colors... If you rely on strength, you can be stunned and stumble underfoot...?


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