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Discipline Chairwoman Nadeshiko / 風紀委員長 撫子

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Discipline Chairwoman Nadeshiko / 風紀委員長 撫子



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風紀委員長 撫子

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Discipline Chairwoman Nadeshiko / 風紀委員長 撫子

Constitution High School, which the protagonist attends. Until recently it was an all-girls school, but then it changed to co-educational.
An incident occurred during the transfer of male students.
One of the male students plans to form a faction and control the school, and it is rumored that his evil deeds are human trafficking and prostitution.
Meanwhile, the main character Mogami Nadeshiko, the head of the public morality committee, is summoned to the chairman's office.
She follows the orders of the student council president and enters the school.


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