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26-07-2023, 09:00

NTR Cuckold Report RPG Adventurer Lycoris v.1.01 / NTR 寝取られ報告RPG 冒険者リコリス

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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NTR Cuckold Report RPG Adventurer Lycoris v.1.01 / NTR 寝取られ報告RPG 冒険者リコリス



Original title

NTR 寝取られ報告RPG 冒険者リコリス

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PC / Windows

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I want you to "get along" with another man
NTR Netorare Report RPG Adventurer Lycoris [Aoi Laboratory]
Licorice and her [her husband], a married couple who finally opened a new tool shop, had two problems.
One is the debt I made for the opening of the store.
The other is [husband] erectile dysfunction.

The first one seemed to be solved by the adventurer Licorice and the sales of her shop, but there was no way to solve the second one.
Until I heard [Husband]'s request――



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