Yujiro goes with his daughter Kanae to visit his wife's father who lives in the country. His daughter hasn't seen her grandfather since she was very little. That night Yujiro wakes up tied to a chair and is forced to watch as his father in law rapes...
15-08-2021, 15:44
3072AD v.0.4
Hentai Games
2 616
Just like previous games by the same author it has themes like Bondage, Rubber encasement, Erotic Asphyxiation, etc. Except this time it looks like an actual game with RPG elements and such, not just VN with one or two dialogue choices....
Sasha, a female adventurer who has become a futanari because of something, she consults with her friend Siena, an alchemist. Siena took care of Sasha, but Sasha himself decided to collect the missing materials and experiment with the medicine she...
27-07-2021, 13:25
Shion the Exorcist / 退魔師紫苑
Japanese Games
3 694
A busty exorcist in a skin-tight bodysuit challenges a tentacle dungeon!...
25-07-2021, 14:43
Domination Elixir / 支配のエリクシール
Japanese Games
3 874
Young and beautiful knight-captain Rihanna, who is called "the strongest". A strong and proud female knight everyone longs for. Gokutsubushi, Gios, stares at her from the shadows with her lower eyes all day long. However, for such Gios, a turning...
Princess Yusti did not face any hardships during the long peaceful era in the kingdom. So she became lazy and gluttonous. A final act of greed forces her father to kick her out until she does something to prove her worth. Therefore, she goes to a...
Kingdom of the Bonemaker. A small undeveloped country located in the west of the continent. The main character, Wayne, works as a royal knight and spends her days honing her blade skills. But one day it suddenly becomes known that a special training...
11-07-2021, 12:16
Happy Quest v.1.0.4 / ハッピークエスト
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
3 191
Your task is to help beautiful girls defeat monsters....
9-07-2021, 15:12
Uncontrollable Lust v.0.10
Porn Games
1 233
You are a young man, married and living an ordinary life. Since childhood, you have always felt that something has changed in you, but you have never realized it. Then, after certain events happened, you began to notice various things that started...
11-06-2021, 11:15
Cuckold Chain / ネトラレの鎖
Japanese Games
1 317
Shota decided to go out with her childhood friend Yuna when summer vacation was just around the corner. However, Yuna's mother, Mafuyu, is Shota's longing woman, and Shota often shakes her heart between the two. One day, her husband's boss, Masuda,...