14-11-2020, 16:40
Stray Dog Fiance v.1.03 / 野良犬の許婚
Japanese Games
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Dirty stray dog Taro lives in riverbed vagrant hut has favorite beautiful girl, jk It was stalking idol-faced girl with a boyfriend in order to make her female dog! Top class beautiful girl jk "Inuyo Kokoro" daily life covered by the beasts begins!...
14-11-2020, 16:38
Kitai Knight Ariel / 稀代の騎士アリエル
Japanese Games
In order to be sent out to the Coliseum hero had run a training ground to develop players , however, management will be facing a large amount of debt does not work out like that for him to put out his hand and was a woman knight of childhood friend...
While talking with three of her friends about their future boyfriends at a campsite, the heroine, Chiharu, somehow ends up in an alternate world. There, she meets a variety of unique characters and explores dungeons trying to get back to her...
8-11-2020, 11:27
NTR House v.1.51 / NTRハウス
Japanese Games
The protagonist and heroine come to work for a lord to pay off a debt. You fight monsters under orders from the lord, but the adulterous hands of other men stretch towards the heroine. Can you escape the clutches of these other men!?...
7-11-2020, 12:48
Angelica Origins Remake v.0.6
Porn Games
Angelica Origins, a story about Angelica and her origin ... The origin of what? The origins of who she will be in the future ... You will follow her story when everything begins to change in her life: she is an ordinary girl in her last year of high...
After losing both my parents in an accident, a woman saying she's acting on behalf of my grandfather invites me to be a building manager/superintendent at a condo. I decide to give it my best shot for a year, but I discover this is a problem...
A villager boy Ian went out of the village with the view of grabbing a big money, but the reality is severer than his expectation. When he comes back to the village with his dream turned sour, he finds that his childhood friend girl Eve suffers from...
When her castle is taken, princess Merutina wields the Magterus, a magically imbued item that grows stronger with semen. For the sake of her beloved subjects, Merutina will amass enough spunk to conquer the Imperial army!...
In order to protect promises exchanged at a young age, the hero goes on a journey aiming to become a fine knight with his childhood friend Liese, but in the meantime he will get caught up in the swirl of a big conspiracy shaking the whole continent....
Maria is from a country side town, and decided to become a hero to follow in the footsteps of her childhood friend. Her strength and her sense of justice were powerful. She had a pure heart and feelings for her childhood friend, but various men...