25-10-2020, 08:14
Fluorite / 蛍石
Japanese Games
The girl Relia, who lives with her boyfriend Alan, was on a boat heading to Lureteria, a new world, to begin living with him. Coming to Luruteria after a minute at work, who is late for his work, will hurt the "stone of the curse" that is...
25-10-2020, 08:13
Granat / グラナット
Japanese Games
One day, "Fiona", who lives with her husband in a village on the outskirts, hears a report that the head of the village fell ill, and goes to see the situation. The medicine is necessary to cure the village head's disease, and Fiona's husband "Erik"...
Evil organization Trison, who attempts to conquer the world using powerful robots A super robot of justice that fights the Trizon, La Iur Garr. A town called Okigashima is set on one remote island A new battle between Rarouga and Trizon opens the...
25-10-2020, 08:06
Violette / バイオレット
Japanese Games
Chigusa Sumire, who moved from a distant "country of Japan" to a foreign country "Tior" with her husband's Hajime, was attacked by a field robber along the way, and all the luggage was taken. Luckily, I was able to arrive at Tior, but my belongings...
24-10-2020, 15:00
Leanna's Slice of Life
Hentai Games
Set in a world in which monsters exist, Kyne and Liana live together peacefully in a town. Liana is a little bit scatterbrained girl who often stumbles over nothing dangerous, but she is an ideal housewife with a kind heart. Kyne is shy when it...
The story of a young boy named Ken, who lives in a small village next to his childhood friend Millie. The village elder is not well, and the brave Ken goes on a dangerous adventure in search of a cure. In the meantime, thanks to Millie and her two...
Kouichirou (player) confessed his love to his classmate Sayoko (heroine) and got into a relationship with her. The two who were both virgin have progressed their erotic relationship. However, when a womanizing senpai aiming at Sayoko shows up, the...
There are also a lot of ways to play the game. A young man and a girl are trapped in a closed house. Really what can go wrong?...
Aaron and Karen, a couple of newlywed adventurers, are concerned that they were not blessed by the children. But one day they find out that in a certain dungeon there is a mythical potion that according to rumors, can change the situation for the...
Sophia living peacefully in the village of Elf, Lephon. She happily lived with her boyfriend and was supposed to live a sullen life. But something happened and the calm lide was broken ... It was a sudden betrayal of her father's father. That amount...