Milene, a novice mage who lives with her sick father. Her dream is to save her father with magic. For that, strong magical power and funds are required. However, Milene, the lowest in the Mage Association, did not have both. An event will occur that...
One morning, Nako notices that the boy next door to whom she was like an older sister was very upset with something. When she managed to talk to him, Nako learns that the guy has lost something absolutely necessary. So, Nako goes in pursuit of the...
"The Elven Tear", a legendary treasure spoken of since ancient times. Everyone knows the legend, but none know if it really exists. In this RPG, an innocent treasure hunter named Latee is violated by lusty men, monsters, and ero-traps during her...
3-12-2020, 16:11
Kati the Possessed / 悪魂入りのカティ
Japanese Games
1 025
She has the power to repel violence. However, she's perhaps too kind to use it-- Heroine Kati has the power of absolute defense. As she searched the town for mementos of her mother, the number of people precious to her increased. And that kindness...
Lelie is a dowser who receives requests and tries to help everyone alongside her companion Shell, but her carelessness leads to her getting wrapped up in in some rather lewd scenarios......
21-11-2020, 05:39
Contract Guild with Ceres / セレスと契約ギルド
Japanese Games
1 218
The city visited by the wizard Ceres was a city controlled by the contract guild! Ceres, who was deceived and contracted, must collect "gratitude" from the residents! Embarrassing! Naughty! By contract Various things will be done! High tempo RPG!...
16-11-2020, 13:22
Hentai Games
1 903
A genius scientist takes a young girl to a remote lab in the woods and is not seen again. Two years later, a secret pursuer draws near. Wanting the data she holds...... This RPG has a "play the last dungeon any time" concept. Will you weaken and...
Adventurer Iris has all her stuff stolen during her journey, including her clothes. The prospering city she arrives at breeds darkness below the surface. Will she take jobs as a naked adventurer, or go straight to selling her body as a prostitute?...
15-11-2020, 13:33
Black-Market 1.2.10
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
4 088
You find an ad for a position as the manager of a certain nighttime establishment. What more, it seems the pay is really good... Take a step into that world with heroine Ria in this management game....
14-11-2020, 16:38
Kitai Knight Ariel / 稀代の騎士アリエル
Japanese Games
1 162
In order to be sent out to the Coliseum hero had run a training ground to develop players , however, management will be facing a large amount of debt does not work out like that for him to put out his hand and was a woman knight of childhood friend...