Summer Memories ~ Cuckolded Girls ~ [Yamada Ichiro's Shop] Bright, energetic and popular Kasumi She is a childhood friend of the main character and lives with her with the permission of her parents. She lives while killing her feelings for her hero...
4-10-2021, 07:56
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Demo version of the game Flatcheez 3 (day one)....
On the night of the day when the summer training camp started, the manager Natsuki Shimizu gets involved in a bizarre incident. She avoids the attacks of crazy baseball team members Natsuki started exploring her school to uncover the whole picture...
We finally started going out. I had finally achieved happiness, but a simple slip-up leads to that man blackmailing me. There's no going back... The shameful punishment enacted on my body at school during "class time" starts to escalate. I have no...
10-04-2021, 12:12
Cucking Trap / 寝取られトラップ
Japanese Games
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Mamoru, Mafuyu, Takashi, and Kana have been friends since high school. Even after entering university, they sometimes hang out together. On one of those days, the four of them go to an "Exchange Hall". For this theme park-like experience, two...
29-03-2021, 11:32
Exorcist Charlotte / 祓魔少女シャルロット
Japanese Games
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In this violation RPG, you play as transforming nun heroine Charlotte on her journey to exorcise evil demons while trying to save her classmate from a monster-infested ruin!...
Rukucha, who has the appropriate magical power, will leave the orphanage and enroll in the Witch Training Academy. She was paid only for her entrance fee and uniform fee. She is told on the first day of enrollment that she will need a tuition fee...
Amane is spending her school life studying diligently, all so she can get into the prestigious Barayuri Academy's Prostitution program... Only those with the lewdest bodies can enter, as the interviews are done in the nude! What do you learn? Sex...
Summer holidays. For schoolchildren, this is the time not only to relax and have fun, but also to do their homework for the summer. For example, collectively prepare a study report on a free topic. Our hero, Yamakawa Kodai, fell into a group with...
17-12-2020, 18:22
Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance!
Hentai Games
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Hina, Rin and Fumi are new roommates at Seiba Girls’ School. Even though they had different personalities and upbringings, they had one thing in common: they recall seeing an angel when they were small. They each suspected that one of the other...