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3-05-2023, 15:08
Flatcheez 3 v.1.2.1
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
7 112
The third installment of the Flatcheez series. Ever since Nae-chan went missing at the end of the previous installment, Yuta has been striving to isolate himself. Thinking he is responsible for Nae's disappearance, he decides to track him down....
The main character Ret, through a friend, gets a job as a tutor in the house of one of the city's rich people. But his mentee Yuki is not eager to learn and on the first day, accusing him of sexual harassment, makes him do her homework for her. One...
5-02-2022, 13:23
I Love When They Hate It
Hentai Games
5 472
Will your forbidden mischief be found out!? ・2.5D Animation ・The animation moves with your mouse inputs (Different scenes change if you touch her breasts, face, or waist.) ・Customizable profile Make moves on the daughter while her mother is in the...
Point animation SLG. It has over 1500 points and is finished erotically. A certain school, a certain teacher suddenly orders a squid. These two students decide to ignore cancer, but ... When you touch yourself and sexually harass yourself, you...
12-01-2022, 12:01
one shot H4 v.1.4
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
4 726
No opening or ending, but contains multiple end patterns for each scene. Contains 2 touching themes: "groin/pussy" and "anal". In addition to hands, you can utilize tongue and "tool" for touching. The girl's reaction will differ depending on the...
Tanned girl Aira and plain gal Seika hatch a plan to molest an innocent shota who boards the same train as them....
Summer Memories ~ Cuckolded Girls ~ [Yamada Ichiro's Shop] Bright, energetic and popular Kasumi She is a childhood friend of the main character and lives with her with the permission of her parents. She lives while killing her feelings for her hero...
On the night of the day when the summer training camp started, the manager Natsuki Shimizu gets involved in a bizarre incident. She avoids the attacks of crazy baseball team members Natsuki started exploring her school to uncover the whole picture...
We finally started going out. I had finally achieved happiness, but a simple slip-up leads to that man blackmailing me. There's no going back... The shameful punishment enacted on my body at school during "class time" starts to escalate. I have no...
10-04-2021, 12:12
Cucking Trap / 寝取られトラップ
Japanese Games
2 455
Mamoru, Mafuyu, Takashi, and Kana have been friends since high school. Even after entering university, they sometimes hang out together. On one of those days, the four of them go to an "Exchange Hall". For this theme park-like experience, two...