This is a card battle RPG about a girl who wanders into an unknown world and transforms herself with the help of a succubus. She seduces the men in town, explores dungeons, and collects materials to make items. The battle is a turn-based card...
"When you leave this place you will return to Level 1. Since that's the case either way, won't you let us feed on your experience?" In a strange labyrinth that resets a heroes's level upon exit, you are offered a deal by a pretty life-draining vixen...
6-01-2021, 15:22
Milking Farm / 搾乳場
Japanese Games
A farm run by succubi -- those held there are confined like livestock and milked of their cum. To dissuade escape attempts, the succubi employ traps and illusions... and sometimes a gangbang or two to tire the offender out too much to try again....
Under a curse, the busty hero has a Lewd Crest engraved over her womb. And in the face of her salacious display, the townspeople and monsters simply cannot hold themselves back!! In this RPG they will attempt at every turn to take advantage of her......
A naughty goddess sent a human to such an erotic different world. What I gave was ... "Erotic Time" This is a unique skill that makes all battles naughty....
23-11-2020, 17:36
Sword x Hime v.1.11
Porn Games
1 145
The protagonist of the story is a sword princess who wields a samurai sword. She is sexy and mature - the blade is slender, the two are perfectly blended to combine hot blood and romance. The weak figure rushes on the battlefield, fighting against...
23-11-2020, 17:11
Succumate v.1.00
Hentai Games
1 721
One day when coming home, you find your apartment door slightly open. Fearing the worst, you burst in to find… a beautiful woman sitting there? But you soon realize this is no ordinary woman, she’s a demon named Lilim, and she has come to the human...
19-11-2020, 15:57
Dominatrix Simulator v.2.0.3
Hentai Games
1 168
Experience VR in an entirely new way as you respond in real life to the commands of the Goddess and her Mistresses in this kinky, immersive game. Decide how you will respond to questions and commands and be judged for your performance. Your choices...
19-11-2020, 15:35
Futanari succubus ReaseLotte Adventure 4 Mastema's Conspiracy v.1.1
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 316
Control a Futanari Succubus by the name of ReaseLotte and proceed through this side-scrolling action game. Contains futanari, vore, lezzy contents and more!...
On a certain boring day... You wake up to find two succubi in front of you. One of the succubi looks premature, and the other like a servant. A succubus that wants to grow, and a succubus to help that growth. The growth of succubus is to become "the...