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Make my wife embrace a junior. And save the stars. The story of such consecutive holidays. Mamoru Suzuki had a habit that his wife Shiori couldn't tell. "I want to see her wife having sex with another man" Shiori Suzuki had a propensity...
13-02-2022, 13:18
Bones' Tales: The Manor v.0.18b
Hentai Games
7 542
You play as David (Or wathever name you choose) a boy who haven't seen his mother and sisters in two years. After the divorce of his parents, he stayed with his father in the city, now, his mother invited him to spend his vacations in a old house...
This game is a defense strategy simulation game in which the main character, the devil, leads the demons under his control and fights against humans invading the dungeon. The "strategy phase" to solidify the defense of the dungeon and the...
To save the twins' childhood friends! "Rene" and "Elsa" The main character "Al" who has a childhood friend of twins. From an early age he couldn't choose between the two who wanted to marry him ... and he would tie...
5-02-2022, 13:33
Cuckold Witch Amelia / 寝取られ魔女アメリア
Japanese Games
1 828
The boy "Rody" who aspires to be a hero worked in the adventurer family business with his childhood friend and lover "Amelia". Two people who spend humble but peaceful days. I believed that this happiness would last forever ......
3-02-2022, 13:09
The Intoxicating Flavor v.0.8.4
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3 101
The game tells about a young guy stuck on a deserted resort island without communication with the outside world and doomed to spend their days aimlessly waiting for the opportunity to return. Everything changes when guests come to the island. After...
A schoolgirl washes up on a remote island along with 3 schoolboys with raging hormones hungry for her pert flesh. Can she escape the island, and return home to Japan safely?...
30-01-2022, 13:09
Raise me! v.1.02 / 私を育てなさい!
Japanese Games
A magician living in a remote location away from society takes in a pupil named Mako, and decides to help train her into a fully-fledged magician! She's brimming with confidence, but that's about all she has. It's time for this former magical...
Can I recover the stolen student ID card !? 4 days of a girl struggling in the sekisho district where desires swirl !! The main character is Lucy, a student enrolled in the Medic department of the adventurer training organization "Farnas Magic...
Memories of a summer spent in the countryside. Summer festival, girl in white dress, bittersweet summer. ...... There are lots of naughty events! Night crawling, wet clothes, erotic books, bathing together, public sex...etc. If you feel like you...