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12-07-2023, 09:35
Doomination v.0.11
Hentai Games
1 979
Doomination is a comic book parody game. Dr. Doom, one step away from realizing his dream of becoming ruler of the world, is now defeated and deprived of his powers and knowledge. To his aid comes a mysterious witch named Rathri, who awakens in him...
Character Introduction/Game Basics Asuka Virgin Idol Debut [dHR-ken] ★ Data for one chapter of the trial version can be transferred to the product version. ★ If you start from the trial version, there is a bonus point (A.P) used in the main story....
The adventurous Luca decides to work in a tavern as a waitress to earn money for her trip. But it turns out to be a "tavern brothel," where prostitution is also practiced. The tavern owner mistook Luca for a prostitute and forced her to...
28-06-2023, 14:55
Anastasia and the Lewd Curse v.1.1
Hentai Games
1 100
Anastasia is assigned to find the missing students at her old magical academy, But she soon discovers that a grand conspiracy is unfolding at the school, The curse strips Anastasia of her magical powers and heightens her sexual desire......
Play the main character "Vana" and her two friends "Elysia" and "Honey", collect as many BP (Battle Points) as possible. There are many ways to earn BP, but plan your actions for the day. If you take more than a...
23-06-2023, 12:51
Secret Brothel and NTRed Hero v.1.2 uncut
Hentai Games
2 509
The Demon Lord has been defeated. After 20 generations of Heroes, the current Hero Noa has finally defeated the Demon Lord who reigned the land and bring peace to the kingdom But forget about that, this is the story of Rika, the hero's lover...,...
This is the story of the protagonist, Enicia, who works hard to pay back her debt. Along the way she solves various problems and encounters sexual situations. The main erotic situations include prostitution, exhibitionism, seduction, deception,...
Immediately after the overthrow of the Demon King, the hero Aster is transformed into a girl by an unknown magic. Aster loses his heroic powers, but realizes that it is useless in a world that is beginning to recover peacefully. Aster starts a new...
12-06-2023, 15:03
Violated Heroine MV Port
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 107
The player takes on the role of Nanako, a young village girl who wants to become an adventurer. Will she become a pure-hearted justice hero or will she be captured by goblins and held as a sex slave? With dynamically changing dialogue and branching...
9-06-2023, 15:13
Mesugaki-chan Wants to Make Them Understand
Hentai Games
2 341
Saki, a girl patsy, moonlights as a prostitute on the street. She earns money to buy things for herself in the online game....