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26-07-2023, 08:53
Magic Shop 2
Porn Games
A game that features a unique combat system mixed with adult activities never before seen in any other game. Magic Shop 2 builds on the success of its predecessor with even more intriguing characters and a deeper storyline. As you travel through...
Embark on an extraordinary journey with our humble heroine, Felixia, as she battles against odds to save the village of Willowshire from the all powerful succubus Lilith. Face off against slugs, slimes, bandits, tentacles girls, spiders and more....
An offshoot of the main story Crystal Story R. The plot develops parallel to the main events of the original, the main character here is the sibling of the protagonist of the main story, who loves her brother very much and wants to become a strong...
19-07-2023, 08:58
Mommy Sensei: Horny Homework
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 892
Life of the stinky kid isn’t easy… Even the teachers are giving you grief! Don’t give me that “lather, rinse, and repeat” nonsense, these pheromones can’t be stopped with a simple shower. Believe me he’s tried! Life does a total 180 for Niito when...
19-07-2023, 08:35
Hentai Labyrinth
Hentai Games
1 326
IMYUIC, a new brand produced by the erotic game maker AliceSoft, presents: Travel through a mysterious world of dreams, defeat the monsters that stand in your way, talk with its strange inhabitants, collect treasures and more… This game is full of...
Selina, who was investigating the magical potion known as 'water of life' that was being secretly distributed in the city, was unexpectedly summoned and removed from the investigation. However, the death toll continued to rise and the investigation...
17-07-2023, 09:53
Teasing Train
Hentai Games
2 065
This is the girl you've often seen on the train. Just the mere sight of her slumbering body makes you tempted. Take off her clothes with one click. Play with her breasts and pussy ... This is a touch simulation game where the girl reacts to your...
Join innocent alchemist Cheryl in her quest to reform a nearly defunct alchemical workshop. An action-RPG with material gathering and crafting! The game contains over 150 ingredients and over 170 items to craft! Sell your creations and become a...
17-07-2023, 09:31
Bra-Buster Madam Next Door & Erogaki & Playboy
Hentai Games
1 637
One night, Gaki witnessed an intense SEX scene involving the madam next door and a playboy. The neighbor's wife, whom he always liked, was having sex with the playboy while her husband was on an overseas business trip. Then he decided. "I'll...
14-07-2023, 08:24
Infiltrating a Cult + DLC
Hentai Games
1 412
Your mission is to infiltrate the cult with your master. One night, you decide to finish them off. Leaving the dormitory, you successfully sneak into the church, but then......