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You're a guard in a bustling merchant town. Every day is full of people coming and going, and every day you've got to keep a sharp eye out for anyone who might disturb the peace. Arrest suspicious people and outright criminals to rise through the...
I met her at the library during summer break, and it started with her forgetting something. From then on, I started coming around to her house to play. Then, our secret relation begin......
21-12-2021, 17:42
I WON'T LOSE TOO!!! Cg.1-2
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Anya has been living with her sister Christina in this village for as long as she can remember. A year ago, the King of Darkness, who was believed to be killed, returned to life. He planned to rule the world by resurrecting the army of Evil, the...
17-12-2021, 17:06
Cute Honey: Bunny Girl
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Cute Honey: Bunny Girl is a tower defense strategy game, in which players will use props in each scenario to reduce their stamina Eliza and achieve the ultimate goal - to stop the Ghost from entering human society....
7-11-2021, 14:40
Young Woman Hazard
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4 549
Sanae (25) tries to conceive a child with her husband, but in the middle of the night, both of them are kidnapped. She wakes up in an unknown house in a room she has never seen before, where she finds a research center for virgin demons who act...
22-10-2021, 11:56
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The game's protagonist will be James Miller, a porn actor owed money to a criminal authority and trying to find a way to survive incidentally by shooting his own porn films. Gradually, moving along the plot of the game, there will be an opportunity...
"Also sermon? So I do not want to talk with my father" I remember the conversation with my daughter as I soaked in the bath. "Dad, Daddy" always stuck when I was little ... ... My daughter has changed completely. Well, thinking...
16-09-2021, 12:29
Kohakuiro no Hunter / 琥珀色のハンター
Japanese Games
2 363
Long ago, the reddish planet floating in space the unexplored region, the back of the jungle conceals an enormous amount of energy to "Nova Stone ore" who had a dream of fortune who was rushed to the mine striving to be first but the...
26-08-2021, 06:42
Taimanin Yukikaze 2
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4 223
Mizuki Yukikaze, Rinko's older sister and protagonist Akiyama Tatsuro struggle to find Yukikaze's mother. The only clue is the "Mysterious Microchip" which leads to "Seishu Gakuen" - a super elite school. Having penetrated there...
15-08-2021, 15:09
Closed Area Block Z
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6 461
30 years ago, human civilization fell to the edge of destruction by an accident. Water, air, food. Nearly all essentials were polluted by a kind of unknown virus. Infected creatures lose their mind to attack others and make things worse as if they...