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6-04-2021, 09:41

Alison Fall of the Apple v.1.0

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Alison Fall of the Apple v.1.0
Type:Visual Novel
Release date:2021/03/31
License:Original (licensed)

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Alison Fall of the Apple v.1.0

Thank you for your interest in my game. In Alison you will play as Michael. A highly trained X military veteran, currently working as a police officer in NYC. Michael rescues a young girl/woman named Alison from a terrible fate in his daily routine as a police officer. From that moment Michael’s entire life is thrown in to chaos. It will be up to you to decide how you intend to progress the story. The story will branch out in to three roads at a specific time and place. The choices are as follows. Professional, Gentle, Co

They all lead to the same ending, the story is linear. However each one of them leads there in different ways. For example. Professional, is your vanilla option where you care enough to help her and solve her problems, while at the same time living your own life with her as a roommate.
Gentle is your love story, and “Cold” is the corruption path, dominance/submission.
Each path will be updated as much as possible, until enough patrons jump on board and decide to vote on a monthly poll for their favorite route to be developed each month. There will be polls where you get to choose which path should i focus on for that month.

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