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28-08-2020, 06:59

Dirunwin -The Modern Dark- / ディルンウィン-現世編- 行け勇者よ! 違う、俺は魔王だ!!

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Dirunwin -The Modern Dark- / ディルンウィン-現世編- 行け勇者よ! 違う、俺は魔王だ!!
Original title:ディルンウィン-現世編- 行け勇者よ! 違う、俺は魔王だ!!
Release date:2013/11/08
Censorship:There are in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Dirunwin -The Modern Dark-
(Subtitle: Ike Yuusha! Chigau, Ore wa Maou da!) ("Go Hero! No, I'm the Demon Lord!")
- The legendary rise of a Demon Lord & his Cursed Sword -
"... I've waited for this day ...... More than you realize ..."
In a realm of human beings and monsters at war,
A hero obtains the sword that will change everything.

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