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5-03-2020, 16:14

Onna Ninja Azusa vs Orc ~Zecchou! Ishu Kan Battle!~

Japanese Games
Onna Ninja Azusa vs Orc ~Zecchou! Ishu Kan Battle!~
Type:Visual Novel
Release date:2017/01/27
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Modern Japan.
Girl-ninja Mikage Azusa from the group "Oboro" protects the tranquility of people from the shadows, and fights against the huge criminal organization "Magus" for many years.
Suffering defeat from Azusa many times, Magus developed an "O-plan", the purpose of which was to create a universal biological weapon.
And so, with physical strength and the ability to breed, far superior to humans, this biological weapon with a libido like the beast - the orc was born.
Azusa lost the orc battle and was taken hostage.
It was used in the nursery for the orc breeding experiment, and, before the seemingly endless force and sexual attraction of the orc, she finally woke up "a woman" ...

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