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Yoya Ninja Book / 妖谷忍法帳

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Yoya Ninja Book / 妖谷忍法帳
Original title:妖谷忍法帳
Release date:2006/06/03
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Tentacles, spawning & childbirth, bondage, suffocation, cow & horse & dog fuck... A turbulent flying nymph approaches the heroine!! Hard H and loose gags explode, AVG, here we go!

Suddenly, a mysterious beautiful girl who "falls down" in front of the protagonist, Yato. Maid!? Magical Girl!!? Or Amazing Hitman!!!? No... She was a "Kuichi" who came across a mountain and a valley in pursuit of a ninja! Ninja village Yoya (Ayakashi da ni), esoteric techniques, law of change, Wash the love juice with semen of the night sword and the Ninja corps "Yuya ten people"... wash blood with blood Ninja battle explodes!! A hazy moon in the heavens, a world of nights with a lot of creatures on the ground... What is the end of the battle?

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