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27-10-2020, 15:16

Ecstasy Break FF13 / エクスタシーブレイク FF13

Japanese Games
Ecstasy Break FF13 / エクスタシーブレイク FF13
Original title:エクスタシーブレイク FF13
Release date:2010/03/26
Censorship:Is in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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● "Break system Nagawari" touch us got better!

Were integrated damage resistance heroine and pleasure
Battle your handy touch bonito intuitive.

● Characters are Vu la ○ ○ Toningu and leek
Configuration 2 episodes each character
Ali also ○ te fa CG molester in further bonus
All five-part

● Strengthening of dialogue
Increased more than 10 times the number of words of the heroine of conventional work.
Variety of responses will be returned along with the Eroboisu With a mouse click on the various locations.

● Built-in easy mode also for those seeking ease your
Difficult game for those who hate
Includes a mode Nagawari free absolutely no game will be over.
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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