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【LOVExEVOLUTION】Hard★Core Setu / 【LOVExEVOLUTION】 Hard★Core ~セツVer~

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【LOVExEVOLUTION】Hard★Core Setu / 【LOVExEVOLUTION】 Hard★Core ~セツVer~
Original title:【LOVE×EVOLUTION】 Hard★Core ~セツVer~
Release date:2012/06/29
Censorship:Is in the game
License:Modified (Pirate)
Platform:Windows2000 / WindowsXP

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I was not clearly conveyed a sense of ...
Of rain that day ..., I think it was a confession hug without saying anything. This slumber of moments
I would not have been washed away-feeling "want to do." Why do these things the body of man and woman ... who cares?
Two people ... feel that ... never ... and are not tied to the child because there is that feeling of each other
So like the fireworks now, this moment alone, you want to hug ...... Suku disappear anymore ...

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