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3-12-2020, 16:37

The Ancient Monster's Ground of the Aborigones / 淫魔の聖域 ~忘れられた密林の寺院遺跡に古代文明の超淫獣を見た!!~

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The Ancient Monster's Ground of the Aborigones / 淫魔の聖域 ~忘れられた密林の寺院遺跡に古代文明の超淫獣を見た!!~



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淫魔の聖域 ~忘れられた密林の寺院遺跡に古代文明の超淫獣を見た!!~

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Deep in the forgotten forest, verdant growth shrouded the decrepit remains of a tribal temple... a dwelling of dreadful violators! Coiling tentacles constrict heroines in an orgy of hellish ecstasy. A grand journey & tentacle assault AVG! The archaologist "Prof" (main heroine), joined by her plucky, tomboyish assistant Akari and her cute friend Fanita, pass through a culture portal via these ruins. Inside they discover its lascivious secret... The ancient civilization of Sotisthunra erected this sexual altar for the sake of the sprawling spermexa that lay dormant...! These girls may have discovered great history, but will they survive it!!?



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Shock Boy
29-03-2020, 15:46
Japanese Games
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