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The Holy Sword of Armonica -Deceived Ena- v.1.05 / 聖剣アルモニカ ~謀られエナの物語~

Japanese Games
The Holy Sword of Armonica -Deceived Ena- v.1.05 / 聖剣アルモニカ ~謀られエナの物語~
Original title:聖剣アルモニカ ~謀られエナの物語~
Release date:2014/11/04
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8

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The Holy Sword of Armonica -Deceived Ena- v.1.05 / 聖剣アルモニカ ~謀られエナの物語~

An adventure and prostitution RPG about a princess trying to rebuild the land she has lost.

When a monster army takes the kingdom of Armonica by force, only princess Ena was able to escape.
To rebuild her lost land she asks for help from neighboring the village of another kingdom, going 1,000,000G into debt......
To repay the debt she needs to somehow get back her castle that's full of monsters... erotic monsters!
Meanwhile, the all-male village expects something from the princess too.

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