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5-06-2021, 12:52

Newlywed Elisa ~Torn Tranquility~ / 新妻エリサ ~囚われた平穏~

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Newlywed Elisa ~Torn Tranquility~ / 新妻エリサ ~囚われた平穏~
Original title:新妻エリサ ~囚われた平穏~
Release date:2021/06/01
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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After marrying, protagonist Elisa and her new husband Will move to another town.
Will has shouldered a good deal of debt, and he's come to work for a family member named Gizel.
However, Gizel takes an interest in Elisa, and decides to use his position of power
to blackmail her into doing his bidding.

This RPG is linear, and focused on H events.
There are no battles.

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