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25-12-2021, 15:04

Homunculus research record / ホムンクルスの研究記録

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Homunculus research record / ホムンクルスの研究記録



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Interact with homunculus girls and educate them.
It is a slow life game that depicts life with such a homunculus.
Grow as you wish.
A young genius alchemist Georg who has been lonely for a long time.
Unsatisfied with his fame as an alchemist,
he creates a hearty homunculus to dispel loneliness.
You can have sex with Homunculus, who changes his personality depending on his education, in various situations.
You can enjoy a completely different and fresh reaction depending on your personality even in the same play.
You can check the status with abundant parameters.
Touch any part of the homunculus body.
The homunculus reacts sensitively to touching the head, chest, and lower body.
Breastfeeding handjob, fucking blowjob, back, cowgirl, missionary, forced, Japanese rape, educational play for ignorant daughter, touch, etc.
Can the homunculus heal his loneliness ...?


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