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Timestop School ~that diligent girl is my faphole~ / 時間停止スクール ~真面目なアイツは俺のオナホ~

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Timestop School ~that diligent girl is my faphole~ / 時間停止スクール ~真面目なアイツは俺のオナホ~
Original title:時間停止スクール ~真面目なアイツは俺のオナホ~
Release date:2022/10/15
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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This game consists of two main parts / modes. An visual novel-esque ADV (adventure) part, and a simulation game (SLG) part. The ADV part occurs prior to and after touching mode. You can enjoy how Rin's attitude change depending on how you touch her while time is stpped. During the touching mode, you can use of your time stopping ability to sexually develop her body. Will you be able to corrupt her with pleasure? To turn her into a lewd dick craving slut? In addition, there is also a mode where you can simply enjoy the touching part without story elements. When time starts flowing again, all the built up pleasure will assail Rin like a tidal wave. Enjoy watching as her synapses overload and her body arches and spasms from the sudden stimuli!

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