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15-02-2023, 18:08

The Adventures of Suzuka v.1.02 / 鈴香の冒険

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The Adventures of Suzuka v.1.02 / 鈴香の冒険



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Chan "Suzuka" I love this thin daughter during masturbation,
Would have been summoned to the "fantasy world".
Order to save the world that is about to be conquered by the devil was revived,
Ended up fighting as a brave girl ... magic.

Suzuka-chan was thrown alone, in another world while five daughters demon
It is a fantasy RPG carefully fought with the power of love and friendship and delusion.
Fallen into the trap of the enemy, the hero Suzuka-chan will be level or loss of virginity ○ flop Pies,
Please have a happy ending to the last play.



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