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YoumuinThe Nightmaretaker Akuma ni Tsukareta Otoko / 妖夢員:The Nightmaretaker ~悪魔に憑かれた男~

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YoumuinThe Nightmaretaker Akuma ni Tsukareta Otoko / 妖夢員:The Nightmaretaker ~悪魔に憑かれた男~


Visual Novel

Original title

妖夢員:The Nightmaretaker ~悪魔に憑かれた男~

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PC / Windows

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Some incident prompted you to suddenly change jobs in facilities management. You, who was supposed to be a good person, found a breach in your job and invaded a girls' school, and you fell for a sexual predator who sees through slumbering schoolgirls. It's all the devil's fault. Ever since I've been possessed by a demon, I've been driven by an abnormal libido that I want to ejaculate with a schoolgirl. If it goes on like this, it will be destroyed someday. But the devil whispers to you. The light you can see when you ejaculate with a schoolgirl is, "Gather more of that light." In other words, ejaculate more with schoolgirls. The devil's true intentions are immeasurable. But desire pushes you into criminal activity. A teenage schoolgirl with a fresh egg is lucid, and a large amount of thick and sticky sperm comes out. The special sperm for fertilization that your body emits when you experience the existence of a girl who is old enough to give birth to a healthy child. It was rewarded by the sexual pleasure I received from this young woman. There was no way I could stop.


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