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23-06-2023, 12:22

Dangerous Change Kaede Edition / 危ぶまれる変化 楓編

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Dangerous Change Kaede Edition / 危ぶまれる変化 楓編



Original title

危ぶまれる変化 楓編

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A couple of years after the horror that the main character suffered, he finally begins to gradually find peace of mind thanks to Kaede's care.
They live a beautiful family life, but there is one catch - the little "buddy" doesn't want to "wake up" anymore... the whole nightmare is coming true...
True, one day "Mr. Junior" makes himself known at the moment of accidental contact between the beloved and the playboy's boyfriend...
Where do these feelings lead to, and why does Master Shimoyama reappear on the horizon... The nightmare never ended...?


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