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31-07-2023, 07:58

Seima ho tsukai Anju / 性魔法使いアンジュ

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Seima ho tsukai Anju / 性魔法使いアンジュ



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Advance through the dungeon while having erotic sex with your childhood friend girl!

Chris and Robin were cursed by a demon when they were babies.
But the only magic that works for them is "sex magic", which converts sexual arousal into energy.
Together with Ange, a girl who is a master of sex magic, they challenge the dungeon where the demon that put the curse on them lives, in order to defeat it. ......

The two of them also have another important objective: to become intimate with Ange and become lovers in the process of creating excitement energy.

Will they be able to defeat the monster?
Which of them will win Ange's heart?
The three childhood friends' naughty and dangerous adventure begins!


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