A naughty goddess sent a human to such an erotic different world. What I gave was ... "Erotic Time" This is a unique skill that makes all battles naughty....
5-12-2020, 16:08
Kurono v.1.03 / 黒の約束
Japanese Games
Synopsis A Close friend curses the devil. He want's save a friend from the devil in cooperation with the three heroines!...
Deep in the forgotten forest, verdant growth shrouded the decrepit remains of a tribal temple... a dwelling of dreadful violators! Coiling tentacles constrict heroines in an orgy of hellish ecstasy. A grand journey & tentacle assault AVG! The...
An adventure game in which you are to have horny days with a big-breasted, glasses perfect girl! Kamishiro Naoko, his classmate and the chairgirl of the school, is an adorable girl student for him. But she is bullish, cold, and misanthropic girl....
All people of the race are equal The ideal world to live in, Hameustasia Kingdom. However, in 721, the ruler of the ruler Witch Wang Leap of time, the peace collapses easily easily. "A man is not needed anymore in this world!" - From that day...
3-12-2020, 16:28
The Imperial Gatekeeper v.1.52
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
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The protagonist Til was a decorated warrior in battle, but ended up being dispatched to work in the "immigration bureau" after the war. Though feeling very disgruntled, Til made his way to his new work "station."...
The powerful magical artifact known as the "Secret Red Jewel" lies on the deepest floor of the EroEro dungeon. Jessica is an up and coming adventurer looking to grow powerful, so naturally, she decides to take on the dungeon! However, she is...
3-12-2020, 16:11
Kati the Possessed / 悪魂入りのカティ
Japanese Games
She has the power to repel violence. However, she's perhaps too kind to use it-- Heroine Kati has the power of absolute defense. As she searched the town for mementos of her mother, the number of people precious to her increased. And that kindness...
Prestigious aqua regia school An elite school where talented students and parents' wealthy students are admitted A school attended by selected students with good looks I learned the ban after several years of training This time I will aim at this...
1-12-2020, 13:26
Bud of frenzy and instinct / 狂乱と本能の芽
Japanese Games
This is a story of a man's death and rebirth. The appearance of a mysterious girl Anri causes the series of the events..... A unique hentai adventure game focused on sex between married women and the tentacle monster (you). You play the man who once...