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24-11-2021, 11:55

Sonia and the Lusting Village v.2.2 / ソニアと淫欲の村

Japanese Games
Sonia and the Lusting Village v.2.2 / ソニアと淫欲の村
Original title:ソニアと淫欲の村
Release date:2020/06/03
License:Original (licensed)
Language:English | Japanese
Platform:PC / Windows

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Sonia adventures in search of the Bahamut Horn, a material used to craft the strongest of blades.
Despite her strength, she passes out after getting hit by a landslide, and wakes up in a regular-looking village.

However, she is missing all her equipment and items...
She plans to stay in the village a little longer so she can prepare for her journey,
but it turns out this village is full of lusty villagers...

An orthodox HRPG where you search dungeons and explore the town while triggering events.

The lusty villagers have a variety of fetishes, and as her sexual experience builds, she starts to change.

Acquired clothes can be equipped, and will display in the pose art.

Dungeons contain no battles. If you bump into enemies once, they are defeated.
However, you do have a "hunger meter", which will start to chip down your HP when it reaches 0.
At 0 HP, you will progress to monster defeat scenes.

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