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24-04-2023, 14:09

Quarta Knight Emerald v.1.15 / 駆錬輝晶 クォルタ エメロード EG

Japanese Games


Quarta Knight Emerald v.1.15 / 駆錬輝晶 クォルタ エメロード EG



Original title

駆錬輝晶 クォルタ エメロード EG

Release date





Original (licensed)




PC / Windows

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A transformed heroine of justice who is so strong that she can do anything,
In a variety of dastardly traps !!!!!
When she is unable to fight well, she is defeated and trained by further pleasure attacks. !!!!!!
The heroine is defeated and trained by further pleasure torture when she can no longer fight well,
The game is a game in which the heroine becomes unable to resist the naughty attacks of the mooks and crumbs that she has never been able to resist before.


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