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5-01-2024, 17:07
Crystal Story R / 水晶物語R v.2.5
Japanese Games
1 686
The story begins in a remote village where a young boy finally grows up and becomes a true warrior of light and with his friends begins a journey around the world. In the course of the journey the boy is waiting for the fight against the great...
5-01-2024, 17:06
Hentai Games
1 106
The protagonist, who has the ability to make monsters join him, explores various mazes with his partners....
Holy Light Flash Princess Pony Ceres [SukiyaKING] A group of fighters calling themselves Zaydag suddenly appeared in the city. They have a fighting ability that is incomparable to humans, and the police are unable to control them, and the city is...
3-01-2024, 18:02
Daily Life in Jeopardy
Hentai Games
A typical day in a certain town. High school students Naoto and Aya live next door to each other and have been together since before they can remember. They are like family, childhood friends, but as they grew older, they started to develop...
Ganting voice + climax voice + H sound effect has been added during H scenes This work is an exploration-type RPG without combat....
Adventurer Luna had a platonic relationship with her boyfriend, who was also a fellow adventurer. He tells her that he has something important to tell her, and she is called to his home....
29-12-2023, 14:45
OverDevil: Legend of the Sacred Stone v.1.37 Patreon
Hentai Games
2 889
A traditional jRPG with a mischievous story full of fantasy, adventure and hardcore fun. During the Holy War, the Chosen used eight Sacred Artifacts to defeat the Super Devil. Now, one hundred years later, you must once again embark on a journey to...
29-12-2023, 14:42
FlashCyclingSide.S / フリーライドろしゅつ v.0.90
Japanese Games
1 190
Name: Ichika Ninomiya Student council secretary who appeared briefly in FlashCyclingRide.2. She witnessed her idol, the student council president, in a revealing play, and she herself joined his side. .........
Mary, the second princess of the kingdom, is taken prisoner by mercenaries sent by an enemy country. She is deprived of the power to fight and humiliated by her tentacles. A rescue team from the kingdom heads towards the princess she flees, but......
The country was a small, prosperous, peaceful place until one day it was suddenly conquered by barbarians. The kingdom's princess knight Leila, her sister the wizard Miori, and her brother Charles, a military strategist, attempted to resist the...